Hot benching
Use of our communal work bench; a clean white space which can be used for either laptop work, designing, scriptwriting etc or for light model and puppet making, fabric work, costume and set construction. Also includes access to hand tools (pliers, saws, drills etc) and machines (pillar drill, band saw) available in the adjacent workshop room.

Shoot space rental
The shoot space can be arranged with the following configurations, depending on requirements:
4 small units (2.5m x 3m)
1 medium unit (3m x 5m) and 2 small units (2.5 x 3m)
Two medium units (3m x 5m)
1 large unit (5m x 6m)

The most common set up is four units of 2.5 x 3m with the possibility of renting one or two of these units for your project.

We also have a custom-built multiplane in Unit 4 which can be used for cut-out animation.

Renting the shoot space gives you a black box, no light spillage, solid concrete floor, black shelving unit if needed, small work table if needed, foldable chair, computer / laptop / monitor stand on wheels.

Hot desking, hot benching and shoot space rental all include:
Space to work in a creative animation environment
Secure 24/7 access
Fast wifi
Bike lockup in the gated yard
Toilets in main building
Kitchen with kettle, coffee machine, microwave, sink etc.
Tea coffee and hot chocolate

For rates and availability please email : joseph [at] hangaranimation [dot] co [dot] uk

Heather Colbert animating ‘How Have You Been?’ – Music video for Tom Rosenthal.
Marie Lechevallier animating ‘Chemicals’ – Music video for Parker Bossley. Directed by Joseph Wallace.
Roos Mattaar creating puppets for ‘Nieuwstad’ – a commissioned film for Culemborg 700.
Set from ‘Nieuwstad’ – a commissioned film for Culemborg 700 by Roos Mattaar.